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SVA Aromatherapy and Gandharva Sound therapy included in all Treatments

Heavenly Abhyanga:

Ayurvedic Full-Body Massage – Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Detoxification

Abhyanga is an ancient method of massaging the entire body with warm herbalized oils – that address your body dosha type or specific seasonal need(s). Its numerous benefits include making the limbs supple; relax and energize the mind; build resistance against stress; pacify the doshas; relieve fatigue; give stamina; enhance the skin’s luster; promote longevity; improve circulation; strengthen immunity; calm the nerves, and so much more!  Your Abhyanga will be expertly performed with one of Vaidya Mishra’s Herbalized Pranic Massage Oils, specifically chosen for your Ayurvedic constitution and needs!

Blissful Awakening Shirodhara:

Warm Oil Streams on your forehead to Balance, Calm, and Nourtish the Mind & Increase Awareness

Shirodhara (shiro-dar-a) therapy involves gently streaming warm herbal oil on the forehead. Deeply nurturing, this blissful experience is renowned for its ability to release serotonin and encourage mind, body, spirit integration. Specific benefits stated in the Ayurvedic texts include: deep relaxation; better sleep; reduced anxiety; mitigated depression; increased mental clarity; nourished the brain; rest for the nervous system, & more.  So lay back and dive into your place of inner silence and peace, and come back out feeling fully nourished and refreshed!

  • 30 minutes       $95
  • 60 minutes       $180

Heavenly Abhyanga + Blissful Awakening Shirodhara Combo

Abhyanga + Shirodhara combine mind-body medicine to nourish and revitalize your entire being from your head down to your toes!  Shirodhara stimulates the release of hormones and neuro-transmitters from specific brain centers, which supports your entire physiology with chemical “messengers” for well-being.  Abhyanga stimulates your skin’s intelligence to release a healing response from your own inner pharmacy and it settles your mind by relieving your body of stress and tension held in the neuromuscular system.  This package must be experienced to be believed!

  • 60 minutes      $165
  • 90 minutes      $215

Samadhi Marma Session

Experience the Bliss of Your Heart Lotus in Blossom

Samadhi means balanced coordination between the mano buddhi (mental intellect) and the satya buddhi (spiritual intellect).  Satya buddhi is one of six gunas (qualities) inherent in each individual’s ‘light of the soul’. This inner light is seated in the heart lotus – a subtle, vibrational structure in the middle of the chest. Samadhi Marma is a proprietary SVA technique using the Samadhi Set of herbalized transdermal roll-ons on marma (energy points) to open the heart lotus and connect the mind and senses to your inner light.  In mere minutes you settle into a sublime and deeply restful meditative state of awareness ready to face the world with renewed purpose and confidence. Learn more about this amazing technique at SVA Samadhi Marma.

  • 20 minutes  $35

SVA Blissful Beauty Marma Facelift:

All-Natural Energy-Point Facial with Lalita’s Skin Care Line

Be transported to a world of inner and outer beauty.  Experience and see the Ayurvedic definition of authentic beauty – Shubhang Karanam: auspicious transformation of every single part of you – inside and outside. Blissful Beauty cleanses and nourishes your skin, while opening your heart and connecting your mind, intellect, and senses to sattva (light of your own soul).  Your inner light then radiates in and around you, enhancing the glow of your complexion. In the hands of our expert marma esthetician, you witness your own transformation in mere minutes!

Choose from 3 Blissful Beauty Packages. ALL TREATMENTS EXCLUSIVELY USE Lalita’s Line of herbalized Skin Care – No Synthetic fragrances, No Harsh Chemicals, No Preservatives!

  • SVA Ultimate Celestial Marma Experience (90 minutes) $155

The works! Includes ALA Cream on the eye marmas for stress-free eyes and gentle exfoliation with Lalita’s Facial Cream Clay followed by Lalita’s Facial Toner. Our expert esthetician will then choose one of our top-tier facial creams or you can choose!  These include Abhrak and Jasmine, Pearl and Jasmine, and Rose Navratna Celestial Radiance. Discover more about our amazing facial cream line at Lalita’s Age-Defying Skin Beauty.

  • SVA Deluxe Marma for Blissful Beauty (60 minutes) $90

The Deluxe package incorporates all the steps and products used in the Ultimate package, except the eye marmas are not targeted.  You will enjoy Navratna Celestial Radiance Cream on the facial marmas and Lalita’s Age-Defying Facial Cream or Lalita’s Facelift Cream on your face overall.  A great bargain with great transformational results inside and outside!

  • SVA Marma for Blissful Beauty On-the-Go! (30 minutes) $60

SVA Marma Facial On-The-Go is the best choice for anyone who wants a quick facial rejuvenation experience without the full treatment. Don’t be fooled by the name – in just thirty minutes, you will feel and see the transformation!

SVA Marma Body-lift:

SVA Energy-Point Therapy to Awaken & Revitalize All Organs and Systems

Vaidya Mishra tells us that prana (life-energy) is the ultimate healing factor of mind and body. This energy can be accessed and enhanced through marma (vibrational energy point) therapy. SVA Marma Body-lift activates a set of 27 marmas to increase the reception, flow, and delivery of vital energy to all organs and systems.   Your session includes enlivening the preparatory marmas with the Samadhi Set and using specific SVA Transdermal Creams on 27 marma points. You will experience a profound state of mind-body relaxation during your bodylift and a quantum leap in mental, physical, and spiritual energy afterwards.  In addition, this therapy can also be used to target specific imbalances.

  • 60 minutes       $150

Foot Reflexology:

Foot Energy-Point Stimulation for Overall Health and Balance

Activating reflex points on the feet is world renowned for inducing a healing response in corresponding areas of the body.  If sensitivity or tenderness is experienced when certain areas of the foot are stimulated, it usually indicates bodily weaknesses or imbalances within the corresponding organs. Foot reflexology not only feels great it also helps clear the organs and systems of blocked energy and ultimately improves overall health and balance.

  • 30 minutes       $75

Freedom from Cellulite:

3-Step Topical Management with SVA Intelligent Herbal Synergies

Are you one of millions of women looking for a 100% natural way to manage cellulite? Based on modern science and the ancient Ayurvedic texts, Freedom from Cellulite uses a three-step transdermal (topical) protocol with CellulEX thermogenic cream to mobilize & evacuate cellular toxins – NutriFascia to restore firmness & elasticity to the fascia & tone sagging skin – and Bio CoQ10 to tone the skin and improve collagen synthesis.  Your SVA cellulite-therapist will apply these creams on local cellulite areas and on marma (energy points).  You will also receive garshana (dry, lymphatic massage) along with complementary nutritional counseling and be shown how to use these cellulite creams at home! Are you ready to be Cellulite Free?

  • 60 minutes       $180

SVA Clear Sinus plus Nasya (Nose) Drop Therapy:

Balances the Mind and Supports the Nasal Pathways

Our SVA Sinus treatment involves a hot steam for the face/head/nose area with a blend of ayurvedic herbs as well as an ayurvedic essential oil mix. After the steam, you receive facial marma massage that eases and further releases clogging in sinus channels. The treatment is topped off by a Nasya treatment – the insertion of herbal decoctions and oils into the nasal cavity. This therapy supports the health and comfort of the nasal pathways, while balancing and lubricating the brain and sense organs. Nasya is said to calm the mind; relieve stuffy nose; discharge malas (waste products) and ama (toxins) from the sinuses; sharpen the mind; pacify the doshas in the head, and even slow hair loss! Your nasya session will be customized using one of four SVA Nasya Oils.  If required, you will also receive nasya steaming with our Sinus Infusion Herb Mix Combo Pack.

  • 30 minute       $75


Ayurvedic Full-Body Herbal Steam: Opens the Detox Pathways, Clears the Fat Tissue

Swedana (sweat therapy) is a preparatory modality employed during Ayurvedic panchakarma (purification therapy) to open the body’s srotas (physical channels) to facilitate the release of toxins.  This therapy can also be used alone to balance vata and kapha, dispel internal chill, relieve muscle stiffness, and purify sweat and fat.  During your session you lie comfortably in our state-of-the art steam canopy with your head outside.  Based on your needs an herbal decoction is infused into the steam for specific health benefits and constitutional balancing.  For best results, we highly recommend first receiving a Heavenly Abhyanga session.

  • 30 minute       $75
  • 60 minute       $140 (This length may be not appropriate for the high pitta constitution.)

SVA Marma Panchakarma Seasonal Detox & Massage Package

$440 (Breakfast and/or lunch included)

Now that you’ve read about all our SVA Spa offerings, which one did you choose?  It’s hard to decide, right? Why not make it easy by trying them all!  This package delivers not one, not two but five Ayurvedic modalities in one spa visit at a very affordable price! You can do this program most any time of year, but this best time is during the junctions between seasons.  Although not required, we highly recommend that you receive a full detox package one or more times per week while also following Vaidya Mishra’s SVA 7-Week Home Detox Plan.  This will make your seasonal cleanse effective beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Special Price: $440 (Weekly and multiple-day rates available. Inquire with the Spa staff.)
    • 30 minute Swedana
    • 60 minute Abhyanga
    • 30 minute Nasya
    • 30 minute Shirodhara
    • 60 minute Marma Bodylift